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Samara Designs Studio

Hello, my name is Samara. I live in Greenville, SC where I was born & raised. My creative journey began over twenty years ago in high school while attending the Fine Arts Center in my home town. Beginning classes in metalsmith ignited my passion for creating art-it was love at first sight. I have since trained at John C. Campbell Folk School in N.C. & our local art museum, but am primarily self taught. Over the years I have been experimenting with other materials like stained glass, epoxy resin and print making which turned into this woman owned small business. 

 Art for me is about pushing your personal boundaries & thinking outside of the box. I create because it helps me feel mentally and spiritually balanced . Art has saved my life over and over again.

At the Samara Designs studio I personally hand craft every piece of jewelry or glass work from start to finish. I am the designer, fabricator, marketer, photographer & bookkeeper. This business is my dream & I want to share it with you.

Aside from creating in my home studio, I am also a mother of two & work at an established art gallery in my home town where I have worked for over twenty years.

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