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Meet the Artist

Hello, my name is Samara but everyone calls me Sam. I was born & raised in beautiful Greenville SC where I still reside. My artistic journey began over twenty-eight years ago at The Fine Arts Center where courses in metalsmith/jewelry and dark room photography ignited a creative spark. Along with workshops at the Greenville Museum of Art and John C. Campbell Folk School, I am mostly self-taught. Jewelry making was my main concentration for most of my artistic career but in recent the years I have developed an affinity for watercolors, printmaking and working with stained glass. Right now stained glass art is my main squeeze!! 

 Art for me is about pushing your personal boundaries by using a variety of materials and learning new techniques. Letting your inner child play is so important in the creative process. I create because it helps me feel mentally and spiritually balanced. Art has saved my life over and over again. Without creativity I would be lost.

At the Samara Designs Studio, I personally hand craft every piece of artwork from start to finish. I am the designer, fabricator, marketer, photographer & bookkeeper. This business is my dream & I want to share it with you. Aside from creating in my home studio, I am also a mother of two & work part-time at an established art gallery in my home town where I have worked for over twenty-five years.

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