Wind Chimes Rooted in Deep Meaning

Wind Chimes Rooted in Deep Meaning

Hey ya’ll! 

My name is Samara & I am the owner/artist of Samara Designs which is my personal passion. I am the maker of so many different art mediums: jewelry, watercolors, glass wind chimes and glass wall hangings. 

Today I want to talk to you about my glass wind chimes. There is a story behind them that is inspired by a late family member and my deep love of nature and how it connects my spirit to all that surrounds me. This “oneness energy” is something we all have inside us but has been forgotten for centuries.

Custom chime made for a tiny house

Each element of the chimes represent a deep passion in my life that helps me share my personal story with you. I wanted to create something that evokes positive energy to share with the world. Not only do these make beautiful accent pieces but a tool designed with intention to help you meditate.

Next I want to talk about the elements mentioned above and how each component is tied together to make these meditation chimes.  

Element No. 1 - Love of Nature       

     This is represented by:

  • Natural driftwood collected on the Aegean Beaches in Greece (thanks Yorgos!)
  • Unique Slices of Agate Stone- no two are the same!
  • The colors of nature represented here are shades of green, orange & yellow

Element No. 2 - Upcycle to promote a clean environment (Yes! I’m a treehugger!)                   

     This is represented by:

  • Genuine sea glass found on varying beaches
  • Green glass rings are upcycled from used wine bottles

Element No.3 - In honor of my sister     

     This is represented by the use of stained glass. My older sister was a very talented stained glass artist that passed away unexpectedly at the age of 33 in 2007. I inherited her glass supplies/tools which I still use to fabricate every chime.

I also wrote a guided meditation that goes along with these particular chimes titled “A walk through the woods”. This is something I accidentally wrote one day while I was trying to describe the chimes. After I reread what I had wrote, I realized it was actually a meditation that had just sort of poured out of me! Now I want to share this with you…

“A Walk Through the Woods”

Close your eyes and slowly relax while you listen to your wind chime clang in the breeze. Now, imagine taking a brisk walk through the woods on a cool fall day. All around you are the beautiful colors of nature: vibrant shades of greens, oranges and yellows. You hear so many relaxing noises around you: the chirping of birds, the leaves rustling in the breeze, the gentle babble of a stream. The woods are alive with the energy of life. Take a moment to notice your breath and feel yourself breathing in that energy of life all through your body. Begin to feel that you are one with nature’s energy as your senses become more aware and conscious. Be mindful of every step you take on this path through the woods and every sound you hear and feel even more relaxed. You are one with every tree, plantlife, animal and even the sky above you. Stay in this state of awareness for as long as you’d like while you listen to your chime.  


I hope you enjoyed that little relaxation time & until we meet again...put something positve and good into the world! 



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